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By: Cupideros | July 25, 2017

Romancing the Neighbor’s Babysitter
Contemporary Romance Adventure 22k
By Cupideros

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Software developer Brett Carpenter no longer a poor geek readied himself to date a pretty-ten-scale female, Sophia Jordan, who just happens to be his next-door neighbor's hot babysitter.  Will he succeed or not? 



Brett's heart pounded in his chest.  Sophia wore blue jeans and black scoop blouse.  Her modest large-apple breasts jiggled as she ran across the green lawn of the Nelson's.  Brett stood there dumbfounded.  Speechless.  His auburn hair he parted off to the left side, developing a college look.  He was thirty-five, but he felt twenty-three.


Sophia Jordan pulled her thick red fishtail braid over her left front shoulder.  Panting, she said, "Howard said you wanted to ask me out before, but was afraid.  So I'm asking you out."

Brett laughed a couple of times.  "No, no, no.  I had no fear.  I didn't know whether you had a boyfriend or not."  He paused.  "I was being prudent, responsible and cautious."

"I'm a modern woman.  It is okay, Brett.  Really."



Brett chortled.  "I am not complaining.  I want you to see the Greenville Art Museum with me.  This afternoon.  Now."

Sophia's blue eye sparkled.  Honest feelings of affection flowed through her shapely subtle hourglass body. 

Brett noticed she wore a thin pink belt.  It added to her shape, giving the impression of a real fertile look, regular-shaped-hourglass girls possessed. 


Sophia and Brett stood speechless.


Adriene, Howard, Savannah, and Sylvester stood on the Prairie house porch all watching like it was a reality show of neighborhood swap mates. 

"Uh, yeah.  Mrs. Wilson suggested I marry the first girl I see today." 

Seeing the amusement in his eyes, Sophia giggled. 

"Yeah, right.  Uhm."  Brett wanted to slap himself what was he waiting for?  So Sophia upset his dating script running in his mind.  She wanted to go out.  Take her he ordered himself silently.  He tapped the fence. 

"I can," Sophia looked back at the audience watching from the Nelson's house, "Go back.  Come out again and let you ask me--out!"

He chuckled.  "Absolutely not.  You are the first girl I have met--since Mrs. Wilson made her statement.  You are the girl I want to take out.  I know a lot about museums.  We will have an awesome time.  I'll bring the car around."

Sophia rose up on her tiptoes in a bounce. 

Brett realized their heights matched.  He wanted to kiss her.  That is premature he told himself.  "I'll get the car"


"He's getting the car," Sophia said, turning around and waving as she walked to the front gate of the Nelson's house. I’ll see you tomorrow, Savannah and Sylvester."

"Don't come back, traitor," Sylvester yelled.

"Tell me what happened," ordered Savannah.

"Be nice, you two," said Doctor Adriene, the pediatrician.


Brett pulled up his cobalt SRT Viper 2016.  In a rush, he got out and opened the passenger side door.  "Hope I'm not, too, presumptuous in doing this."

"No," gushed Sophia.  "A girl likes an attentive romantic man."

"That's me," Brett said, closing the door.  He noticed something different about Sophia.  Pumpkin scent perfume. "Wow you smell eatable."


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